Flutiste is a collective publishing comic and illustration books, mainly focusing on the eponymous magazine. It is managed by Léa Murawiec, Antoine Beauvois and David Adrien.

Each issue is a playground for comics artists, allowing them to experiment within the forms and constraints of collective storytelling.

At the same time, we produce books with a limited amount of copies, with the goal to bring to light young artists’ practices. We handcraft as much as possible our books, by screenprinting and bounding them manually.

For any inquiries, collaboration, proposition, please contact us on or on our facebook page Flutiste.

Article in Kiblind n°51
Interview on Radio GrandPapier
Interview on RCF Radio

Where to buy:
Beginning summer 2021, we are working for diffusion and distribution with Serendip-Livres.
Ask our books to your favorite bookshop! (in France…)

Our books are also available there:
Librairie Invisible (Nantes)
Agent Troublant (Marseille)
Petit b (Nantes)
Quatre par trois (Lille)
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