Flutiste’s 10th birthday !

Incredible ! If we were told, 10 years ago, that Flutiste would still live in 2022, we would not have believed it!

The “Little Flutiste — illustrated #1” was out on January 19th 2012, first draft of what would become the Flutiste magazine then the Flutiste publishing house.In 10 year and 26 books, we were able to try lots of different things, draw (a lot) and of course, meet many wonderful people.

Therefore, thank you to all the people, who, close and afar, worked on Flutiste, on the books, exhibitions or festivals. Thank you to all the readers, comics enthusiasts, fairs and bookshops who supported us and, we hope, will continue to do so.

To see pictures of all the books published during those 10 years : Instagram

See you soon, for new adventures !


Flutiste 11 is out !

After an endless suspense,
Flutiste 11 – Abymes is finally out.

With pieces inside from:

Léa Murawiec

Thomas Rouzière

Adèle Verlinden

Antoine Beauvois

Emilie Clarke


David Adrien


Yippee! New concertinas


Cairn by Léa Cecchetto

Chimico by Joachim Galerne

Cueillette by Line Hachem

Débris by Mathieu Larone




A murderous road-trip by Antoine Beauvois




The climb of an endless flight of stairs by David Adrien


Fantastic Spaceships


A gaze into science-fictional comedy by the duo Léa Murawiec and Krocui